Newtownards 2018

Our Twelfth of July visit in 2018 took us to County Down, as guests of Newtownards Ex-Servicemen’s L.O.L.1952.

On the 11th July we travelled to Dan Winter’s cottage at the Diamond, in County Armagh. This is where the Battle of the Diamond took place on 21st September 1795, and afterwards the Orange Institution was formed, in nearby Loughgall.

We were there because Brethren from our Plymouth District had formed a new Lodge in Devizes, Wiltshire, and they were visiting the cottage where their bannerette was being unveiled and dedicated. So we travelled over from Newtownards, to enjoy the experience with them.

The ‘Not For All Salisbury L.O.L. 54’  bannerette was unveiled by the the Chaplain of Hillsborough District and it is a very fine bannerette indeed.

Afterwards we had tea and apple pie provided by Mrs Hilda Winter in the tea-room, and a look around the cottage which is full of historical pieces about the Orange Institution.

On the Twelfth we joined with Newtownards Ex-Servicemen’s L.O.L. 1952 at their hall for a short meeting and gifts were exchanged. The main parade was in the town itself, and it was held in glorious sunshine in front of large crowds, both walking and also spectating. It was an excellent parade.

Many thanks to the Ex-Servivemen’s L.O.L. 1952 for their invite and hospitality, and also to our fellow Brethren from Not For All Salisbury L.O.L. 54, for allowing us to share in their moment at Dan Winter’s cottage. Great memories.