Presentation to LOL 842 28/8/12

Special Presentation

On 28th August 2012, several of the Brethren from LOL 803 visited LOL 842 in Bristol for their August Lodge meeting. The main item on their agenda that evening was the Installation of new Officers. Brother Cliff Lee had been Worshipful Master of LOL 842 from 1994 to this meeting. After 19 years loyal service in the chair, he decided to stand down and hand the gavel to Bro Colin Smyth, who had been the Deputy Master for the last year. It was a very fitting appointment, as Bro Colin joined the Orange Institution on the day the Bristol Lodge was formed in 1993.

LOL 803 wanted to mark the occasion by making a presentation to Bro Lee (who becomes Past Master of LOL 842). Bro Lee had been very supportive of the Cardiff Brethren in their quest to setup the new Lodge, which ultimately opened on St. Patrick’s Day 2012.


LOL 803 WM Bro Stuart Mullaney, makes the presentation to Past Master of LOL 842, Bro Cliff Lee
The gift was a pair of jewels in a deep-set frame, which featured historic artwork of King William III and an inscription. The jewels were the one which LOL 803 produced for our formation and the one LOL 842 produced for the Grand Lodge Sessions in Bristol in 2008.


The gift presented to PM Bro Lee