Diamond Jubilee Parade 16/6/12


This London parade was held in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to mark the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee. 

The event was organised by the Grand Orange Lodge of England and was held on the same day as the Trooping of the Colour celebrations in London. Many Orangemen, women and bandsmen took the opportunity to watch the morning procession along the Mall, before making their way to the Parade muster point at Hyde Park Corner.



In sunny, but blustery conditions over thirty bands from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, accompanied over 10,000 Orangemen, Women and Juniors as the parade wound its way from Hyde Park, along Piccadilly and Whitehall, before making its way via the Victoria Embankment,  to the finish point at Temple Palace. The parade was greeted along much of the route by very enthusiastic crowds, cheering and waving flags as the parade, which took 45 minutes to pass any given point, made its way through the city centre.

It genuinely was like the ‘Glorious Twelfth’ as the city was bedecked in Union Flags in celebration of the Jubilee event.  The parade was a huge success with many participants commenting it was the most memorable event they had taken part in.

In particular it was a special day for the Brethren of Rawlins White Memorial LOL 803, of Cardiff, who were taking part in their first parade as a new Lodge, and had their new bannerette on display for the first time.