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New Book for 2024

The Glorious & Godly Revolution of 1688,

by Roland Burrows

If you do not have a book about King William III and the Glorious Revolution then this is, perhaps, the book for you to have.

The book looks at the Glorious Revolution in its wider context as part of the European conflict between European Protestants and the Roman Catholic Louis XIV of France and what makes it of particular interest to members of the Orange Institution is that the author looks at King William III and Queen Mary and their lives from a religious perspective. It was indeed a Godly revolution as William was a man of deep Protestant conviction and his reign led to a marked improvement in public morality. The civil and religious liberties of England King William III promised to maintain and his legacy is still being enjoyed by us today!

It’s easy to read and is thoroughly recommended.

It costs £10 and can be bought from:

The Tabernacle Bookshop, click here


The Evangelical Bookshop, click here