(Disclaimer: some of these sites are outdated)

Grand Lodge Websites

Grand Orange Lodge of England

Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland

Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland

Grand Orange Lodge of Canada

Loyal Orange Institution of America

Grand Orange Lodge of Ghana

Grand Orange Lodge of New Zealand

Provincial & District Lodge Websites

Metropolitan Provincial Grand Lodge

Plymouth District L.O.L. 64

Tyneside District L.O.L. 46

Liverpool Provincial Grand Lodge

County Grand Orange Lodge of Glasgow

Portadown District L.O.L 1

Newtownards District L.O.L. 4

Manchester Orange Order

County Armagh Grand Orange Lodge

County Fermanagh Grand Orange Lodge

Enniskillen District L.O.L. 5

Randalstown District L.O.L. 22

Lodge Websites

Prince of Orange L.O.L. 1313, Dublin & Wicklow

The Somme Memorial L.O.L. 842, Bristol

St. Augustine L.O.L. 904, Plymouth

Martyrs Memorial L.O.L. 213, Oxford

Thiepval L.O.L. 1916

Bible and Crown Defenders L.O.L. 81, Leeds

Newbuildings Victoria L.O.L. 1087, Londonderry

Brampton L.O.L. 5, Canada

Medway Martyrs L.O.L. 652, Kent

Lisavague L.O.L. 76, County Armagh

Bloomfield Temperance L.O.L. 490, East Belfast

Forth True Defenders L.O.L. 234, Edinburgh

William Alexander Memorial L.O.L. 1689, London

Lord Carson Memorial L.O.L. 20, Ash Vale, Surrey

Harmony L.O.L. 296, Orillia, Canada

John Wesley L.O.L. 584, Coventry

Ryedale Chosen Few LOL 1875, Yorkshire

Whitehead Temperance LOL 968

William Colhuquon Memorial LOL 152

Garryowen LOL 221, Ulster

Boyne Obelisk LOL 1690

Galgorm Parks Temperance LOL 507, Ballymena

Royal York LOL 145, Belfast

Lt. Col. R.B. Mayne Memorial LOL 1012

St. Paul’s Defenders LOL 1960, Belfast

Loyal Orders

Imperial Grand Black Chapter of the British Commonwealth (R.B.P.)

Apprentice Boys of Derry

A.B.O.D. – The Siege Heroes Trail

Religious Websites

Christianity Explored

English Churchman Newspaper

Reformation History and Covenanters in Scotland

British Church Newspaper

Protestant Truth Society

Evangelical Protestant Society

John Calvin – 500th Anniversary

The Reformation – A Puritan’s Mind

Rekindling the Reformation

Monergism Books – Reformed Christian Bookshop

Protestant Alliance

Newspapers, Forums and Websites

The British Monarchy – Official Website

The Orange Banner

News Letter – news from Northern Ireland

The Orange Pages

The Orange Chronicle

Orangenet – hub of Orangeism

An online History of Orangeism in Ireland

Ulster Virginia – 400 years of Transatlantic Connections

Ulster Bands Forum

Follow Follow – Rangers Forum

Footy Forever – Football Merchandise


Lynx 2 Ulster – Culture, History & Heritage

36th Ulster Division Memorial Association

Luton & Bedford Drumming Club

Menin Gate Last Post Association

BBC Northern Ireland – Williamite History

Regalia Suppliers & Shops

Victor Stewart Enterprises

Regalia International

Drum Sounds of Sandy Row

KB Shop – Olympia House Glasgow

Union Jack Shop – Belfast